Important Notice for Tasmota Upgrade:

For the purpose of easy to upgrade to other firmware in one step and convenience for bulk manufacturing, Athom build preflashed Tasmota devices in 2m bin which is different from official 1m bin.  That means you can not upgrade Athom Tasmota devices as normal way. 

To make users easy to upgrade, Athom maintain our own OTA server for users to upgrade to the latest version, by using Athom OTA services, all setting of the device will be saved and you do not need to reset it as normal way to upgrade it.

If you prefer upgrade Athom devices by normal way, please visit:

and find the right model then follow the suggestion made by Blakadder.

Athom Tasmota OTA links for all models:

now you can enjoy your homekit smart life

Trouble Shooting

If you add accessory unsuccessful, usually because of input the wrong password. Press and hold the button more than 8 Secs , the Switch will automatically enter config mode again, then repeat the setup until success

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