After 30th Oct 2020, all our Tasmota products firmware switch to standard 1m bin, Fully compatible with official Tasmota OTA server. 

Any old customers bought our old version Tasmota fail to upgrade to standard firmware please contact us for special compensation. 

Instruction from Blakadder about how to upgrade old version to latest Tasmota

If you are not sure which version you bought, please visit web of the product to check the version, version earlier than 8.4.1 is old 2m version, please follow steps below to upgrade, if the verison is later than 8.5.0, then it is 1m version fully compatible with official OTA .

Before upgrading set your device to module 18 so that after the upgrade the device will (potentially) be set to Generic module to avoid clicking relays, flashing lights or button resets after upgrade. Perform upgrade to release version using file upload method with tasmota.bin.gz or tasmota-lite.bin.gz or with OTAUrl. DO NOT use tasmota-minimal.bin!.

None of the settings will be retained after the upgrade. You will have to search for Tasmota AP and redo the Wi-Fi and MQTT configuration. Once you’ve upgraded do Reset 6 to erase flash and apply the template!

WARNING! Even if you follow the described upgrade procedure there is a chance of soft bricking your device. In most cases it is possible to restore it using Power Cycle Recovery or, if that fails, with serial flash.

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